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Football Flash was created with the sole purpose ofdelivering your football news. You input your teams name and have notificationssurrounding your team’s activities delivered to you as soon as they go live!
Football Flash is the only breaking news app that allows you to be notifiedabout all activities your football team is up to. Relevant football newsstories are published from the best global news sources, and it is the onlyfootball news app you will need on your device that is completely free and isNOT supported by annoying pop-up adverts.
If you’re wondering whether your football team is going to make a new signing,what the latest gossip is about your team, when your football team is playing,or what the final score was after last week’s game, Football Flash willmake sure you never have to trawl the internet again.
Your personalised search blocks out all the noise made by rival football teams.Once you’ve chosen what you want to have delivered to you, your personalisedmain screen will have all your favourite football news topics available to youinstantly.
Whether you support Leicester City, Crystal Palace, Stoke City, Swansea City,Hull City, Chelsea Football Club, Liverpool Football Club, Arsenal FootballClub, Manchester City, Manchester United, or AFC Bournemouth; FootballFlash serves you exactly what you want, while allowing you to share it with thelads and family, and mark it off your list – all at the tap of a finger withits simple intuitive interface.
You are always in complete control of the information you receive, there is nopersonal tracking and it is all spam proof. It is completely free of charge andwe don’t display any unnecessary additional advertisements.
FEATURES: Personalised Content
Choose your team and you will receive your football news stories only fromreputable news sites as soon as they are published. No fake news - justfootball news you have asked for.
Save for offline
You can save any of your stories to be viewed offline when you have no signal,for example when on the underground or taking a flight.

Share at the touch of a button
Social sharing is quick and easy so you can share your favourite football newsstories or latest gossip with your friends and family through email messagingor any of the social network sites.
User Privacy, Security and anonymity
In Football Flash there is no personal tracking and our app is spam proof.We don’t display any unnecessary additional advertisements. You don’t need toregister or use your social network accounts it is an anonymous app. We don’tneed your email address either.
Here at Football Flash we are fully committed to creating the best userexperience and we are always interested in your feedback to improve the app! Ifyou have any feedback or suggestions, please drop us an email

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  • Football Flash was created with the sole purpose of delivering your football news
  • Football Flash will make sure you never have to trawl the internet again
  • You are always in complete control of the information you receive


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