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NEW call screen themes & call flash in call theme changerarrival! Get the call screen theme app with call alert & LED! Find amazingcaller screen themes & call flash style!

Color Phone Flash - a call screen themes changer customizes caller screen withcaller screen themes and LED flash alert (call alert). Choose caller screenthemes and LED flashlight alert (call alert) for your call screen slide throughcall screen changer. Download the call theme changer to enjoy FREE call alert& caller screen themes app to changer call screen slide!

LED Flash Alert- the most popular call alert is available to change the callerscreen themes and caller screen display! Enjoy the perfect call screen themes,LED flashlight alert (call alert) and ringtone! The unique caller screen themesand call flash make your call screen slide shining, using the call screen changerwith flash color.

Features of the call screen changer
- Caller Screen for incoming calls with call flash or call alert. Beautiful,stylish caller screen display in caller screen themes
- Amazing call flash alert - Led flashlight alert/LED light and flash color forcalls
- Stunning call screen themes to decorate caller screen for caller screendisplay
- Best call theme changer to change full size call flash for android, makecaller screen display flash color
- Easy-to-Use call screen theme slide through call screen changer
- Low energy consumption, battery friendly with call flash, call alert &call screen theme slide

Why Choose Color Phone Flash ?
Call screen changer makescaller screen fancy with caller screen themes for android & call flash
Make your incoming callsvisible with LED and Call Flash & call alert on Call Screen
Remind calls when yourphone in silence mode with caller screen, call flash & LED
Call theme changer make younever miss any call by caller alert & LED

Call Screen Themes
Color Phone Flash, a call screen changer, reminds incoming calls includingcaller screen flash, LED flash alert, call alert and ringtones. Caller screenflash is a perfect call theme changer to replace your default call screenthemes, which provides various options of full caller screen themes tocustomize caller screen. The call theme changer allows you to set up callscreen theme slide or call flash for specific people. Enjoy the call screenchanger with caller screen lights notification (LED) & call flash (flashcolor) in this call screen app!

LED Flash Alert
The LED alert and the flashlight will light itself when call comes. Set aspecific LED flash alert pattern for important contacts and never miss calls onsilent mode again. Try LED flash alert and caller screen themes together to getvisual call alert on both the caller screen and the flashlight. The LED flashalert & caller screen themes, the best call alert (call screen theme slide)is compatible with most android device.

Call Assistant
As a call screen changer, except for caller screen themes and LED light alertthat remind you the incoming calls, Color Phone Flash is a Call Assistant incase you miss calls through call flash and call alert. If you have already usedthe call theme changer, the LED reminder and ringtones still make you missimportant calls, turn on the Call Assistant. Try the LED alert, color phonetheme, call flash & caller screen themes for specific contacts. Easy to usethe call screen theme slide of call screen changer to answer phones!

While LED flash alert (call alert) and caller screen themes for android providevisual call reminder, ringtone reminds you on the audio side. Each callerscreen theme is perfectly combined with a cool ringtone and a LED alert effect.Turn the ringtone down if unnecessary, and use the LED flash alert and callscreen themes when you use the call theme changer.

Abundant options are available to personalize your caller screen with our callscreen themes. Choose your call flash style and farewell to the boring defaultcall interface!

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